A Deer In The Woods

Thursday, January 1, 2015 at 10:47AM

My family and I were in Ottawa over the Christmas Holidays. We visit some family who have a lovely home on the Ottawa River. It is out in the country. This part of the province is over run with deer. Numerous times we have sighted dozens at a time: in the woods, crossing a highway, in a field. And no matter how many I see, it is always special. And not just because it is a beautiful wild animal. I have seen deer in the strangest of places. When I was a kid, I remember seeing deer once in a while in the new subdivision where I lived. There was a small stand of trees about 4 blocks away. Occasionally we would play cowboys and Indians there, or hide-n-go seek. (Now, when I drive by that area, I realize it was a tiny stand of trees, but seemed like a vast forest back then.) We never saw a deer when we were playing there, but once in a while, in my Dad's Studebaker,we would drive by and see one. And my seven year old thoughts are the same as my 50 year old thoughts: where do they go? How can we live in the same neighbourhood as these very large mammmals and not know where they go, where they live? Eventually, that stand of trees became a very nice home. The habitat for the deer became the habitat for a high school teacher and his family. A high school teacher sighting never really got me excited. 

Kevin Roach